Personal information

First name/Surname: Alessandra Rosso

Mobile: 3347401660
E-mail: alerosso88@libero.it
Nationality: Italian
Date of birth: 17/03/1988
Gender: Female

Occupational field: 3D Animator and Stop Motion Animator

Work experience:

3D Animator - Freelance Artist
for Alimik Animation Studio
May 2014

3D Layout Artist
for MAGA Animation
from september 2013 to june 2014

2D Animator, director & production management
for "Segui il ritmo"
advertising short at Movi&CO contest,
edition 2013

3D Animator - Freelance Artist
for Alimik Animation Studio
July 2013

3D Layout Artist
for MAGA Animation
from may to july 2013

Motion Graphics Freelance Artist
for Strike di Angelo Barberi
january 2013

Clay Animator, director & compositing
for "Memories of Velis"
winner short at Movi&CO contest,
edition 2012

3D and Clay Animator 
at Square Post Production 
in collaboration with Fusako Yusaki Studio
from 03/04/2012 to 03/04/2013 

(3d animation) at Square Post Production
from 02/01/2012 to 02/04/2012

3D Animator -3D Modeling - 3D Rigging - Compositing 
at Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia
from december 2010 to december 2011
"Monster Mom" graduation film

Stop Motion Animator and supervisor
for "Ricette per Natura"
winner short at Movi&CO contest,
edition 2011

Education and Training

Animation Degree 
from 10/01/2009 to 20/12/2011
at Scuola Nazionale di Cinema Centro sperimentale di cinematografia - Animation Department
Principal subjects:  Preproduction processes, Animation Basic, 3D animation and technical developement, Classical Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Puppet Creation, Compositing

High-School Diploma
from 2002 to 2007
Scientific course of study
at Liceo Scientifico Leonardo Cocito
corso Europa 138/2, 12051 Alba (Italy)

Personal skills and competences:

Mother tongue: Italian

Other languages: French and English

Social skills and competences: excellent capacity of communication with people, adaptability, availability, flexibility, patience,excellent abilities to learn new skills and languages

Organisational skills and competences: sense of organisation, punctuality, respect of deadlines, excellent capacity of listen and understanding duties, ability to work collaboratively,discipline, constancy, tolerance, respect

Technical skills and competences: excellent use of Video-Cameras, Photo-Cameras, Blue-screen Set, lighting processes, Pc, Editing machines

Computer skills and competences: excellent knowledge of software like:

Adobe Flash,
Final Cut,
Softimage XSI,
Stop Motion Pro,

Artistic skills and competences: excellent abilities in modeling, especially with materials like: Fimo, plasticine, wax, woven, wire, paper, cardboard

techniques like: Oil Painting, water color painting, charcoal, pencil, felt-tip pens, ballpoint pen

Other skills and competences: hobbies: all sport especially soccer, cycling, running, trekking; travelling and camping; cooking; music;

other features: concentration, enthusiasm and speed in team work, dynamism, no problem to travel;

Driving licence: B