Thursday, 10 October 2013


Alimik Intro - Character Animation

Finally some news about 3d animation works!
This is a character animation I made for Alimik Animation Studio in July, in 15 days more or less (with my holydays in the middle). Luckily in that period I have been hosted by some friends of mine in a home with air conditioner so I didn't suffer the pains of hell making this work...
Anyway! ... I really enjoyed to animate Michelino (the T-Rex) whose rig, model and other details has been realised by the tecnical team of Alimik so I thank Alessandro Portincasa, Domenico Zenone Papetti (with whom I have interacted in that period) and all the artists that have contributed to this project. THANKS!
I hope there will be other occasions to work together... ^_^

See you soon!


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Close to the DEADline....

Movi&CO  last week! Hurray!
We are close to the deadline of the Contest! The video part is fully finished and now I'm occupied only by the sound design and the Music. (And at last THE GREAT FINAL EXPORT!) There are some little problems but not fear we could have a beautifull completed music on time! My co-director in this adventure, Teresa Bandini, is working on Credits at the moment, and all is ok, for now...
I'm sure nothing will go wrong... ^_^
Soon we will upload the inevitable silly backstage video...